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Nooklyate uses data science to extract meaning from complicated data regarding customers, products and infrastructure. We identify opportunities for massive improvement.


Our Mission

We create applications for Heads of Operations to optimize their infrastructure. Nooklyate leverages open source software, cutting­ edge cloud infrastructure, and modular business intelligence and data science applications to develop configurable web and mobile solutions with actionable insights. 

As an analogy, a nucleus stimulates physical change when a small number of critical objects assemble to form an elegant, ordered structure. Nooklyate's elegant and custom software displays only the best data for operations decision making. The right data in a single place can increase ROI by eliminating wasteful spending and improving processes that return business value. We are a small team of experts who can quickly build custom solutions to address infrastructure efficiency. 

Products and Services


We create lightweight web/mobile applications that aggregate key data into a single, secure location. Our frameworks are portable so we can quickly build a product and deploy it in any cloud or dedicated environment.

Data Science consulting services

Our data scientists have domain expertise and specialized tools to analyze your infrastructure data.  An initial engagement can identify useful data metrics for your organization and suggest infrastructure and data management improvements.

Data maintenance robots

Insight arises when valuable data is well maintained. Our data robots report when your data goes awry so you can focus on fixing only the largest, systematic problems.

Our History

The Nooklyate team has been working together for 3 years focused on business intelligence, analytics, and sustainability while managing over two million square feet of data center space. They developed big data infrastructure products and tools to help financial, sales, and operations teams. The software is able to bridge the gap of understanding between infrastructure teams and business leaders.

Dr. Pat Weinkam has led Nooklyate’s data science and data quality efforts. Ultimately, he and the team recommended operational improvements that would save more than $5 million in hardware and electricity savings. Previously, Pat worked in two of the world’s leading groups in physics and computational biology in the areas of thermodynamics, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, and statistical mechanics at UC San Francisco and UC San Diego. He did project management for several successful projects including a widely used web server software that allows researchers to interpret dynamic behavior of proteins due to drug binding. His broad scientific background allows him to both create and manage elegant solutions to any solvable data problem.


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